For more access to the digital services by the Sarawak government, members of the public are encouraged to registered for Sarawak ID.

Sarawak ID is a single online identity that provides users with a simpler, easier and more secure access to Sarawak Government digital services.

By registering, users may instantly have access to multiple available online services without the need to re-register or re-login for different services.

At the time of writing, the system has 801,000 registered users with about 60 applications available for their uses.

While urban users do not have much complications registering for the system, it is not the case for rural users.

During the Randau Digital program at Rumah Nyuka of Kampung Ulu Sarikei on 29 March 2022, the community of the longhouse and those living in vicinity were encouraged to take the opportunity to know more about the digital services available by the Sarawak government, in which Sarawak ID were among the services available.

According to State Service Modernisation Unit (SSMU) officer, Muhammad Zakaria Sahputra bin Azlan, those living in the rural areas are mostly not aware of Sarawak ID and its many applications.

SSMU officer, Muhammad Zakaria Sahputra bin Azlan

“For most of them, Internet connectivity is a challenge as Sarawak does not have complete coverage yet, and thus most do not have access to the government digital services.”

According to another SSMU officer, Nurfatisha binti Muhaidin, among the top applications of Sarawak ID includes bill payment, S-pay, and e-Recruitment.

SSMU officer, Nurfatisha binti Muhaidin

“Just think of it as a one stop centre for all the digital services available where members of the public don’t need to go to various websites as everything is available in the portal. All they have to do it register for a Sarawak ID,” she said.

76-year-old pensioner Benjamin Suda Anak Masam of Rumah Nyuka said that while he is yet to be familiar with Sarawak ID, he was interested in applying for it due to its useful applications.

Benjamin Suda Anak Masam

“As of the applications includes online banking, I find that to be most useful for me as I need it to send in money to my grandchild who is currently studying in a vocational college in Betong,” said Benjamin.

Another new user who also registered for a Sarawak ID is Madlin Suda Anak Masam.

Madlin Suda Anak Masam

“I think that this event is a good way for us to be familiar with the digital services that are available by the Sarawak government,” she said.

“So, by registering as a Sarawak ID user, I hope to have a smoother and easier payment method,” she said. 

To know more about Sarawak ID, you may visit

Excerpted and adapted from the Sarawak ID in Providing Access to Sarawak Government Digital Services


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