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Smart living is a trend encompassing advancements that give people the opportunity to benefit from new ways of living.
It involves original and innovative solutions aimed at making life more efficient, more controllable, economical, productive, integrated and sustainable.

In the past decade, the evolution and rapid improvement of information technology, sensing, big data and information-based products and services has shifted the way in which people live in cities.

It has become the expectation of many citizens, who have adapted almost seamlessly to this new way of living.

Ensuring liveable conditions within the context of such rapid urban population growth requires a deeper understanding of the smart city concept.

Why Smart City Needed?

A city that is wired to work efficiently and compatibly with technology to save energy, manage resources, connect buildings and individuals, and provide mobility is considered smart.

Those who champion smart cities also attempt to provide participatory governance and quality of life characteristics.

A Smart City should enable every citizen to engage with all the services on offer, public as well as private, in a way best suited to his or her needs.

A city is smart when investments in (i) human and social capital, (ii) traditional infrastructure and (iii) disruptive technologies fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance.

According to the book Smart Cities: Governing, Modelling and Analysing the Transition, “smartness” not on technology alone, but as a compendium of factors such as policies, social interactions, environmental approach, communication and cultural awareness.

Smart Sarawak – Smart City Initiative

Under the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy 2018 to 2022, there are 47 strategies and strategic actions and the seven anchor sectors are Agriculture, Manufacturing-Industry 4.0, Tourism, Smart City, Digital Health, e-Commerce and Digital Government.



Sarawak Smart City initiative focuses on:

• provide high quality and efficient services to the rakyat
• provide healthier living environment and efficient waste management
• achieve smarter and more comfortable living
• create environment-friendly urban living and workspace
• improve mobility and user experience in transport service
• develop more efficient logistics support for digital economy activity

S-Sarawak Online Magazine

S-Sarawak (Smart Sarawak) is an online magazine published to convey information related to digital culture efforts in Sarawak.
This magazine highlights the many initiatives that can be adopted by the community in smart city life which is one of the seven key sectors outlined in the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy.

S-Sarawak features several columns that invite readers to not only read but also be proactive in helping to realize the government’s intention to create a digitally literate society and be able to work together to transform life in the digital age today.
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