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Digital Minimalism And Intentional Use Of Technology

Digital minimalism refers to a specific application of the general minimalist philosophy to the role of technology in our lives.
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Sarawak Decarbonisation With UN SDGs

Through the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030 and Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy, Sarawak has made great strides towards the creation and cultivation of sustainable cities and communities in the State.
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Carbon Tax Generates Revenue for Sarawak

The value of the carbon is based on the ability of the country to store it or to prevent it from being released into the atmosphere.

Kesedaran Keselamatan Siber

Kempen kesedaran keselamatan siber khususnya scam dan penipuan dalam talian perlu dipergiat dan diperluaskan kesemua lapisan masyarakat dengan pendekatan yang lebih kreatif dan komprehensif.

Sarawak Creating New Revenue Based on Green Hydrogen

The demand for hydrogen will increase due to growing use of renewable energy technologies and the increasing transition to a low-carbon economy.